Introduction to Dexter

Dexter is a hit crime show from Australian producer Showtime. Based around a blood spatter forensic expert Dexter, this show takes a dark humoured twist of Dexter being the serial killer.

Set in Miami Dexter works for the Miami Metro Police Department, his role as a blood spatter analyst with a dark past is fantastically played by Micheal C. Hall.

The dark past surrounding Dexter is a fantastic background to launch the story. Orphaned when he was 3 years old, Dexter holds a horrendously traumatic secret. Fortunately for Dexter he was Adopted by Miami Police Officer Harry Morgan, recognising Dexters pshycopathic tendancies Harry taught Dexter to channel his gruesome passion for murder and dissection in a constructive and positive way. By training Dexter to kill only the most henious of criminals, from mob assasins to serial killers Harry Morgan trained Dexter to use his hidden passion for killing to punish those who had slipped through the justice system.

Even though Dexter has an immovable passion for killing harry trained him to hide this behind a fake display af emotions. His ability to hide his murderous desire leads Dexter into a relatively normal professional life. He is well liked by the majority of his colleagues (Only Sgt. James Doakes suspects Dexter) and has a girlfriend who has two children.

Dexter has slowly begun to reveal the 'dark passenger' in his mind. While only mentioned once in the first series it becomes more and more prevailant in second series.

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